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On my way to heaven…


Finally I am posting  here but only to say that it won’t be any more than this. It’s Valentine Day today and what better a day than this to choose to end it.

Good bye blue sky, I had a good time flying.

But it’s time to go now, now that I am dying.

I will meet you somewhere in the rainbows,

Look for me as far as the road goes.




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Skateboard – 2


The language used in this post is highly explicit for which I apologise beforehand. A friend pointed this out and needless to say that I am thankful.
In the last post :

The kewl dude loses a ton load of weight and goes on let-us-go-kewl drive by acquiring SMD ( Skateboard of Mass Destruction ). His attempts to make the board move fail as he is thrown back in his second attempt.

Read on :

He felt the heat of the room and was sweating. He opened his eyes to see many wingmates standing near him. "He's back," someone shouted.

"He's back. Oh god he's bac…you're back," said Sobit ( acronym " Son of a bitch ")

"I..I am back. Was that the name? Back..Back..what's my surname?"

"Shit" "Back Shit hmmm sounds kewl.."

"Oh no He's not back…he's gone"

"So ya mean I am Gone Shit??"

"No mann you seem to have forgotten stuff or are you Kidding?"

"Shut up now butthead. Back Shit, Gone Shit, Kidding Shit. One is enough and I like Gone Shit."

"Someone call the doctor please!" said Sobit in a concerned tone.

"What's this place by the way? Your place. It's hot man." said the kewl dude.

"This is hospital kewl. You seriously don't remember your name?"

"I do." "You do, what's your name?" "Gone Shit you Son Of A Bitch!"

"He remembers my name but not his name," said Sobit to others and turned to kewl, "Mann your name is Kewl…"

"Now look here butthead I am not gonna live with shitload of names alright. And tell me why the hell am I here?"

"You fell down from a skateboard. Recall skateboard, Airstrip road…"

By this time Kewl's head was dizzy all he could here was 'ate a board, strip on' et cetera.


"No, blood. There was blood, you lost blood"

"I need water you sonovabitch."

"Ohh here it is kewl."

"Look here now, I am Gone Shit I am not Kewl. SO someone willing to tell me why I am here?" said Kewl while drinking water.

"You fell down from skateboard and smashed your head on the road. Lost blood and were brought here."

"Oh gory details. Blood…water!!"

"No it was blood!!" "No! I want water." Sobit gave him water again. He drank and tried to move.

"Ahh, it hurts," said Kewl with hand on his head. He continued, " So anybody interested in telling why I am here?"

"What the fuck, I just finished telling you that fuckhead!"

"Hmmm, fuckhead. Hmm..was that the name? What's my surname?"

"Shutup Goddamnit." "Now now, the middle name's interesting. Fuckhead Shutup Goddamnit. Surname is good too."

"Grrrrrrrrrrr…is the doc here?" asked Sobit, frustrated.

"Ya he is coming," said Farty, another wingmate.

Enter Doc. "So you up Kewl? Good." "Who are you? And I am not Kewl, I am Goddamnit. Fuckhead Shutup Goddamnit!!"

"What's with him? Gone mad or what?" asked Doc.

"That's for you to see I suppose," said Farty.

"Will somebody bother to tell me why I am here?? And someone gimme water!" shouted Kewl.

"Doc, please come here for a second." and Sobit dragged the doctor to a corner. "This is the fourth time he is asking that. Do you think…"

"It might be.." "Yeah I also think so," said Farty. "So what do we do?"

Doc said : " Give him water. But I dunno how this injury led to water loss."

"Doc, blood loss. You bandaged him. Blood loss NOT water loss."

"Mann you said you also think that he has undergone dehydration. I know he suffred blood loss but since you are saying it's the fourth time…." Just then Kewl cut in, " Water!!!"

"Shutup!!!" cried Doc, Farty and Sobit.

"Fuck you, Don't you call me by my Father's name."

"Just shut up Dimwit."

"Hmm..dimwit. Was that the name? Hmm.."

"See that's what I am saying Doc. Not dehydration, he seems to have forgotten stuff."

"Ohh so that's what you were talking about?" asked Doc. "Yes," said Sobit.

"But I thought you were talking about hitting him hard on the head so that he stops asking those questions." said Farty.

"Shutup Farty." said Sobit.

"The case is more complicated than I thought it to be. Memory loss. We need to know whether it is permanent or short term. In any case we need to be quick." Doc's tone was urgent.

"HOw do we do it?" "See I will arrange for his brain's MRI meanwhile you ask him questions. Try to know whether he remembers something from the past. Just try to help him recall stuff. OKay. Do it. I will be back in half an hour."

"Okay Doc. Cya" said Sobit and Farty. The doctor left and out friends reached for Kewl.

To be continued…


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Skateboard – 1

There was a boy who weighed 91 kilo. Enter JEE results and he went to IITK. He was told this : "You walk in as a boy, you walk out as a man." But for him the story turned out to be different. He walked in as an elephant and is now a chopstick. For him it was the Weight of 69 ( 71 actually ).

Now this boy thought of getting cool. Cool as in kept-in-Kelvinator-the-coolest-one Kewl. So he got a skateboard on his 19th birthday. He brought it to the campus with him and one fine morning he decided to try the skateboard. The skateboard was taken to the temple at MT. The pundit put holy symbols and water on skateboard and the boy's forehead. Nariyal badhara gaya. And with the usual Rs. 5 daan the ritual ended. The boy took the skateboard to the road beside the airstrip and went on his skating spree.

For about an hour he tried and tried but the skateboard refused to move. It was so unmoving that for once I wanted to name this post : The little skateboard that wouldn't. Then somehow a new way striked the boy's mind. He restarted the attempt and for about a split second the strategy seemed to work. The board moved and so did the boy but it was only that the board moved sans the boy who instead fell down and rolled on the road; better than the board. Our kewl dude stood up with strained wrist and bruised palm. But the dude had the solution. He took out iodex spray from the side pocket, applied it and started again. What determination!!

The boy took a breather, had some pushups and jumps and retrieved the board from the grassy vicinity where some sonovabitch snake was trying to use it. The second attempt began and…ended almost at the same time. The skateboard remained where it was and the boy was thrown backward. The rest as they say is history. But I will take the troubles to tell you about that in the next post.

silly rhymes,


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THis post is dedicated to one of the greatest song writers in Indian Cinema : Gulzaar. I was listening to the song "Dil dhoondhta hai" from the movie Mausam . The song is so beautiful. Starting with one of the she'rs of Ghalib (slightly modified from the original form), the song proceeds beautifully. The words used are so everyday that the song takes you to the setting it describes. Gulzaar's lyrics have some magic in them. The language is so good, every song flows. Be it this song from Mausam or songs from Dilse or any other song.

When I heard "Chhayya chhayya" after I had some inkling of what Urdu was all about, my eyes had almost liquified. The words are so good. Same is the case with Dil se re and Satrangi re.

I noticed that Gulzaar picks words from the neighborhood and weaves them into beautiful songs. Take "Chappa chappa" from Maachis or the song "Chhod aaye hum" from the same movie. You will see it. Also the comparisons he brings out like : "Paani me jalta charaag lagti thi" are simply great.

Anyone remembers Angoor. Yes that enaction of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. The song from this movie : "Roz roz daali daali" is too good. I mean as I am listening to his songs I just can't stop wondering about the style of his writing. Sampooran Singh Gulzaar…really the sampoorna of song writing. Tributes.

Is mod se jaati hain har ek taraf rahein,                                                                      

yeh soch ke baithe hain, ik raah to woh hogi,

tum tak jo pahuchti hai, is mod se jaati hai.



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what the fcuk


I had another niteout on 27th. This time with Shanky. Shanky, better known here as Yaser has a very interesting history which I shall keep to myself. WE were sitting in the institute stadium discussing stuff when suddenly there came out a group of five people ( four gals and a boy ) from absolutely no where. Apparently two of them ( gals ) were our seniors while the rest were outsiders. They had been boozing somewhere in the bushes. They drove off in a car and we too decided to move away coz mosquitoes were having the better part of us there. We decided to go one of the department buildings so we could disturb one of our good friends. Unfortunately we ( or I should say I coz the sight was not so new to Yaser ) walked in to see something we should not have seen. Or put better, something that the person we walked in on would not have wanted us (me ) to see. There is no need to describe what I actually saw. But what followed somehow irritated me.The girl ( involved ) walked out some time after we went in. Me and Yaser then went to drink water when suddenly his cell rang. It was the girl’s call and surprisingly the girl wanted to talk to me. Good Heavens! I thought. Since when did the girls want to talk to me? I talked and all she could say was : ” Mumble wimble blah blah do not tease blah bang ” et cetera. (For those who didn’t get this, I must tell that BSNL has an extremely good network which seldom connects. )
I said, ” I can’t hear what you are saying. Where are you?”

“Outmimble wimble department.”
“Okay, cut the call. I am coming.”

Me and Yaser went out. We took our cycles and approached the lady. She said, ” Please don’t tease HIM ( the other person involved, unknowingly though ) about what you saw.”

And all I could think was, “Huh!! Now am I supposed to act as the lady says.”
I said, ” You need sleep. Go back to your room.”
“Yeah I know that but please.”

I didn’t reply and cycled away. She caught Yaser and started questioning him. It was, as Yaser told later, stuff like : ” What kind of a guy is he ( that’s me btw )?”

Yaser answered, ” Try asking him.”
I cycled back and she said the teasing stuff again. So I said, ” Please talk straight. “
“Okay, actually I don’t know what kind of a guy you are so I was afraid you might tease HIM about what you saw. Please don’t do it.”

Huh!! Am I even bothered what goes on between them? And what kind of a guy am I? What kind of a question is this?

“If you don’t know what kind I am, the best thing is to know me. As far as teasing him is concerned, it’s like my daily chores so that would certainly be done. But be cool coz as far as I know I am good. Don’t worry and go and sleep now.”

People can be such shitbags. The first thing is, she didn’t say what she wanted to. Is she really bothered as to whether I tease HIM or not? Speak clear lady that you had this torn ass over the matter that we had seen you and all you wanted was that I don’t blurt it out to the world which I am doing right now but rest assured no details of who or what are being handled. Why do people do such stupid things in the first place if they are so bothered about who might see or what might happen? Shitbags.

What kind of a person am I? What the fcuk??


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finding life…

The nite out last night sucked all the energy away. Physically and emotionally. Going through old stories, I had thought that I had moved on but I feel now that I am still at the same place, the world moved on. Or may be it’s the heat of the day. It’s a dilemma. I want someone to be with me ( Kishoreda, Meesum??) and I want to be alone as well. Went to lab for the first time after arriving to campus. The work will begin on Monday.

I came back to have some noodles in Hall four. It was that time when I truly felt happy for the first time today. And the reason : I met Sumanta Sharma. We had talked earlier or I must say scrapped each other. I had heard that he was this great guy capable of driving you nuts with his wit and believe me I enjoyed the whole twenty minute or so I was with him. Great guy indeed. And then I came back, back to hell.

Not much is happening in life. Too dormant, too useless. And I am doing nothing to change it. If only there was a place where I could shelter myself…if only I had amma here, her lap would have been enough. Would go on a walk at night. Will come back by two. That would be nice. I think this is the time I should look back a little. A bit of introspection at the solace point tonite. Nobody around this time for sure.

cya laterz,

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My first niteout with a female

It was supposed to be just me, Peelu and Bhatt or atleast this was what I thought it to be but when I reached there, I saw her and my anger knew no bound. There was some miscommunication about her being there coz if I had known I would probably have not gone to meet my friends. It is this feeling I get whenever I see her. It is mostly anger and I dunno why. I mean she is nice. She transformed from being a head scratcher to a babe in out two year stay at IITK. But mostly I get angry when I see her. I go completely berserk whenever she’s around. Anyway so we were now a group of four and we proceeded to CC Canteen talking stuff, mostly shit. And thus started my first completely Y4 niteout with a female. From there we went on to my and Bhatt’s solace point : the roof of New LHC and then we started telling stories to each other.

It surprised me that they didn’t have much to tell. Those stories were mostly incidents which had happened to us and all three of them were mostly shitting. People forget to collect memories as they move along. They forget that memories remain the eight year old kid even though time might whiten the hair.

She told her story then. About a guy she was intimate with and stuff like that. While she was telling that she said, ” I feel a bit uneasy talking because I haven’t talked much with you.” This is true. We don’t talk much. And when she said that, there was suddenly this thing, this feeling of talking to her for another hour and hour and hour. It was already 3 in the night though. I don’t know what happens to me whenever she’s around. And today , it most certainly wasn’t anger when she was telling her story. Dunno what it is exactly? DO tell me if you know.


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All the difference in the world.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

This poem was written by Robert Frost. Taken from his collection named Mountain Interval. The poem's name is : The road not taken. Actually I read the last three lines on Pogo's blog and couldn't resist the temptation of posting the complete poem here. Robert Frost has written some of the greatest poems I have ever read ( strictly personal opinion ) which includes Stopping by the… which is commonly liked by many people. Another poem of great substance is Mending Wall. Man I still remember the intense discussion that went on in the school's english class after this poem was read.

Just read the last three lines, that makes all the difference.

Your friend,

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The wait has ended

It was last in January I suppose when our wing’s toilets were closed for rennovation and the junta had to walk something like half a mile to do the daily chores. Given the fact that we used to take bath once every fortnight when the wing bathrooms were open, the tendency to bath died altogether when the bathrooms closed. It was such a pain in the ass ( and elsewhere ) to go to other wing’s loos for leaking that we used to go only when any further wait would have led to diastrous outbursts from various locations in the body. Some of our wingmates ( like Shezzy ) started living in the other wings to avoid problems. The problems went so high that people used to identify the junta from our wing by the characterstic G-mid ( that’s my wing ) smell. We used to curse our maintenance secretary Nishith Khantal for all this.

The hall residents were close to kick the shit out of our bases when one fine day ( that was two days ago ) the bathrooms and toilets reopened. Ahh what a feeling. As I entered the bathroom and saw the brand new hangers and showers I was bound to speak what Firdaus said about Kashmir : Gar firdaus bar rue zamin ast hamin ast, hamin ast, hamin ast! (“If there is paradise on the face of the earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!”).

I am off to bathing now…in my heaven.
Till we meet again,

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